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Hi, I’m Sonya, a passionate horticulturist and copywriter dedicated to elevating the stories of Horticulture Companies and Professionals like you!

It’s Your Story and My Craft…

Having deep roots in both the art of gardening and the craft of writing, I provide tailored copy and masterful writing for Horticulture and Content Leaders. Through skillful copywriting and diverse content creation, I harness the potency of carefully chosen words to:

  • Elevate your website traffic.
  • Captivate your audience with thriving articles, newsletters, blogs and
  • Cultivate compelling “About Me” pages because…
Who You Are Is What I’m About. Check Out My Services:

My Services


Opt-Ins, Emails and Sales Pages

Elevate your sales with persuasive copy that blooms. Engage and convert leads through tailored opt-ins, email sequences, and sales letters, enhancing your market presence and revenue.


Blogs, Newsletters, and Articles

Captivate subscribers with dynamic blog posts, newsletters, and articles. Strengthen communication with timely, relevant updates that nurture your community and reinforce your position as a horticulture leader.


LinkedIn About Pages.

Cultivate credibility and network growth with a polished and engaging LinkedIn profile. Highlight your unique skills and experiences, drawing in industry peers and potential clients.

About Me

I’ve always been fascinated by the world of gardening. My journey really began in my 20s when I learned how to grow plants through intuition and reading books. This passion led me to pursue formal education in horticulture in my 40s, blending natural talent with academic expertise.

My path took a significant turn during my time with the Master Gardeners program. I discovered my true calling in this educational environment: serving others by sharing my knowledge and love for gardening. Although I’m no longer active in the program, the experience deeply rooted in me the art of teaching and writing about gardening. It felt as if every plant I nurtured helped sow the seeds for my words.

This dedication to communication blossomed further when I completed the Authentic Copy program. Today, I combine my deep understanding of horticulture with skillful copywriting to help clients articulate their brand’s essence.

Your story in the world of horticulture is unique, and I’m here to help it flourish. Whether it’s through elevating sales for your website with persuasive and powerful copy, writing captivating articles, newsletters, and blog content, or cultivating network connections through your LinkedIn profile, my goal is to make your voice heard in the most authentic and impactful way. Together, let’s nurture your brand’s growth and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

My Core Values Sow Seeds Of Inspiration 


“Grow a garden to foster yourself and teach others.”



“To promote a world where horticulture stories thrive through compelling copywriting and content creation, enriching the connection between businesses, individuals, and their community with knowledge, passion, and the power of well-chosen words.”


“To inspire and educate gardeners of all levels with insightful, science-backed gardening practices.”

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